If You’re Content, Fabulous! If not…

My brother Ray has played guitar and has sung for as long as I can remember. In our younger days in Salem, he would have all his music equipment in the basement family room. The boys would come over and practice and there would be early evenings where my mother would be cooking supper in the kitchen while the china cabinet would be shaking as though there were an earthquake from the amplifiers below. I remember her saying, “If that’s the worst that can happen through his teenage years, I’ll take it!” Lucky for her, we were actually pretty good kids.

Through the years Ray has continued to play out at venues. You’re more than likely to catch him at a gig at Old Orchard Beach these days. 99% of what he plays is covers and it had been a long time since he’d written something of his own. Well, what I’m sharing today is most definitely something of his own and frankly, I’m just going to say it’s an absolutely gorgeous, heartfelt song about hope and renewal. A song which can remind us that new beginnings can be there for all of us, whether we’re graduating from school or entering a new chapter in life. So wherever you happen to be in life, if you’re content, fabulous! If not…

“The canvas is yet unseen. It’s yours to paint and follow all your dreams.”
– Ray St. Cyr

Click on Graduation Day or head over to the music tab to hear the song.

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