Take The T Off Of Can’t

“Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I can move the Earth.”
– Archimedes

Years ago, my dad was digging holes in the backyard to prepare for the installation of a fence. My older brother was helping him. They were laboring for some time and suddenly their shovels hit something hard. They had struck a huge boulder. My brother immediately said there was no way just the two of them could get that boulder out of the ground. He went on and on about why it couldn’t be done.

In the meantime, my father continued to think on the situation. He left for a few moments and when he returned, he came back with a large crowbar. My dad then asked my brother to get the garden hose and place it in the hole and turn the water on. The water started to loosen up the soil. They then used the crowbar for leverage to eventually jimmy the boulder out of the ground.

When they were finished, my father calmly turned to my brother and said, “Take the T off of can’t.”  It was a lesson my brother and I never forgot.

The next time you find yourself overwhelmed with a problem, try to keep an upbeat attitude. Frustration only clutters the situation and brings you even that much further away from a solution. Step back and look at it objectively.

Yes, there will be times where it will be tough to figure something out, but don’t be afraid of failure. Think of it as an opportunity for you to learn something new. And don’t forget to take the T off of can’t.

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Take what flows for you and let the rest float by.

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