Ollie Ollie In Come Free!

NayRayCottonCandyA few years back, I was feeling stifled. I knew my grandmother was dying and I didn’t know how to handle the overwhelming grief I was feeling. I’ve played guitar since I was a little girl and it’s usually the first friend I reach out to for comfort. The wood and strings seem to understand me better than anything else.

I didn’t want to stay in the house, so I grabbed my guitar, jumped in the car and drove until I came to a small clearing by a pond that I had never been to before. It was a gorgeous, sunny day. I saw a rock in the distance and thought how great it would feel to jump out of the car, sit on the rock and play. The adult in me said it was silly. What would people think driving by, seeing this woman, sitting on a rock with a guitar? The child in me then spoke up pretty quickly as she often does (thank God). She firmly said, don’t think, just do it. Go play out your sadness for Nana. With that, I grabbed my guitar, hopped onto the rock and strummed out my grief. I was lost in my world. The painful thoughts of losing my Nana didn’t subside, but I was no longer fighting it either. It just became a part of what is.

I was suddenly brought back from this solace moment by a woman who gently tapped my shoulder. I was so caught up in the music that I didn’t even see her approach. She said she was leisurely riding by, first heard me, then saw me and was intrigued. She said the music was beautiful, yet sad somehow. She then introduced herself and said she was a photographer for a local paper and wanted to know if she could take my picture. She explained it wasn’t everyday you see a woman with long, red hair playing a guitar on a rock. She thought it was . . . inspirational & she wanted to share the moment with others. Wow, I thought. In a time of grief, my actions led to someone else’s inspiration. I was happy that I intuitively listened to the little girl in me. The one who’s innocent enough to just get out there and try things without the fear of failure or not caring what others think. No one has lost that inner voice. It’s just a matter of how much you choose to listen to it or how much you choose to ignore it. I know for certain, my inner, little girl has never steered me wrong. Take this day to listen to your inner child and see where it takes you. Ollie Ollie In Come Free!

Would love to hear your thoughts,

most especially if you think it can help others!

Take what flows for you and let the rest float by.

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