Want To Be More Productive? Hit The Pavement!

I’ve been staring at this blank piece of paper for far longer than I thought I would. I’m trying to weed through a number of thoughts/ideas I’d like to write about this morning that may help you out in some way. What continues to come to mind are the words, “hit the pavement!” As much as a part of me is reluctant to take a hike after just sitting down at my keyboard, I’ve got an inner voice that can be most persistent and I’ve come to trust what it has to say. So if you’re willing to wait, I’ll be back shortly.

Take A Hike
Thanks for waiting! Taking breaks are extremely helpful when you’re trying to put your thoughts and actions into perspective. Whether you are doing something of a physical nature like building that shed you always wanted or you’re sitting down to write a novel, taking breaks are key.

Back in my corporate days, I tried to get away from my desk and walk for 30 minutes a day. I would leave it all behind, walk for 15 minutes in any direction, then turn around and walk back. It had to be one of the most productive things I did all day to increase my own productivity. I always came back alert, refreshed and ready to dig into the next task at hand. Since I usually sat for many hours each day, 30 minutes was adequate time to clear my head. What I also loved to do was have walking meetings. I’d ask someone I was meeting with if they wouldn’t mind walking while we chatted. It was amazing how much got accomplished on those treks.

Good For Your Health
There may be other times where taking a break is not directly for the sake of getting your creative juices flowing. It could be that they’ve been flowing for hours and you’re unaware of how much time has flown by. That is a wonderful feeling – to know you’re so caught up in your task, that time holds no meaning. From a physical perspective however, it can be taxing. Aside from stiff necks and sore backs, there are dozens of other health aliments that can be tied to spending hours sitting on your keister.

Indirectly, this can also lead to being less productive. The longer you sit, the more you stiffen up and before long, your stiffness is front and center rather than that fabulous thought you were just about to put down on paper.

Nothing Like A Good Stretch
If you don’t have time for even a quick stroll, just getting up for a good stretch will help. I often offered training classes that ran about 90 minutes. About halfway through, I asked everyone if they would do me a favor. I asked them to stand up, put their arms over their head and take a good, long stretch. Not only did it help to rejuvenate everyone in the room, but it also gave people the chance to smile and have a good chuckle. It wasn’t something they were used to doing in a corporate setting. It helped them bond a bit and it made the rest of the session even that more productive.

Give It A Try
So what should you try to aim for?

  • If you are someone who has a job that demands sedentary, sitting time, at the very least try to get up and stretch your legs every hour or so.
  • If you can swing it, get outdoors and take that stroll, even if it’s as little as 15 minutes. I guarantee you’ll be glad that you did.

Would love to hear your thoughts,

most especially if you think it can help others!

Take what flows for you and let the rest float by.

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