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I’d Like to Help by Offering You Hope.

Yes, that’s it! That’s my mission statement.

I didn’t realize that one, simple sentence could so poignantly sum up the purpose of this website until I read Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown. In her book, she mentions the work of C. R. Snyder’s research on hope. It goes on to say that hope is not an emotion, rather it’s a way of thinking. Brown explains that hope happens when:

  • We have the ability to set goals that are realistic – knowing where we want to go.
  • We have a true belief in ourselves. We know we’re capable and above all worthy of our cause.
  • We are able to figure out a way to achieve that goal, while staying flexible to tolerate disappointment & having the perseverance to get back up when we’re knocked down.

I’ve got a whole lot of experience in project management, training and coaching globally and I’d like to help you reach outward from within and get whatever it is you’re aiming for. Through my blog, I’ll strive to offer some knowledge, inspiration and encouragement to bring you closer to living a more fulfilling life. And if you’re looking for some further guidance, perhaps my book, You Want It? Then Damn It, Go & Get It! An Inspirational Roadmap for Personal Productivity, will be able to offer that as well!

Thank you for joining me on this never-ending journey of hope and discovery. I’m so glad we’ve found each other and I can’t wait for us to get started!

The Passion to Pursue

Set Goals – Believe – Work At It – Achieve

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