Dreamer’s Dream

Hello my Passion To Pursue friends! This week, I chose to pursue the synergy of making music and taking pictures–it just kind of came together (Dreamer’s Dream is a part of a bigger pursuit to finish off a new album. I’ll keep you posted!).

I know at times, life can be hectic and because of this, I’d like to ask a favor. See if you can catch yourself and become aware of your surroundings at a preoccupied moment or maybe at some point when you’re concerned or frustrated about something. Right then and there, give yourself a break–look around and truly seek out all the ordinary, most extraordinary miracles constantly unfolding around you. These beautiful gifts are for free. They’re always there, just patiently waiting for you to discover them…

Would love to hear your thoughts,
most especially if you think it can help others!
Take what flows for you and let the rest float by.

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One Response to Dreamer’s Dream

  1. lynniep28@verizon.net says:

    Loved Dreamer’s Dream! Beautiful song with fabulous pictures! I enjoyed it and did dream a little too….Nice job as always Renee…

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